Friday, October 12, 2012

You Won't Forget Me

I could have been one of those kids-just the normal everyday kind of person you went to school with. I went on to do my own thing. No big deal. I had ups and downs like anyone else. Maybe some more "ups", but it was nothing to go in a history book. Now it's different.

This is the government's way of dealing with  things...
That's how they have dealt with me.
I have had the most terrible, wonderful thing that could happen to a person happen to me.

There are things that are known and unknown. Instead of looking into what is unknown, I have been stuck on a shelf, filed away, and forgotten about.
What is known:  I had an AVM bleed which left me PVS. I was unable to talk or move. I am continuously getting better (although extremely slow). I am most like this guy, but I am much higher cognitively functioning. Also, I have not stopped in progression- you can still see it as it happens. A while ago a physical therapist became obsessed with timing me do an exercise. Each time, my score improved by maybe only a second. I had to stop her.
The unknown:  why am I getting better? Although it is extremely slow (a few seconds for
an hour of therapy) it is still happening.
The government's way of  dealing with this is:  I have a number (Social Security number), and yearly I'm sent a form to be marked "yes/no" for improvement (this is for Social Security). My improvement has been slow and I usually mark "no". This guarantees Social Security payment. Improvement has been fast enough that I will have to mark this form "yes"eventually. Then there is the possibility Social Security is not guaranteed.

For 6 years I have lived independently.  I guess it's okay to be vegetative and live on your own.

If getting better can be replicated, even if it is slow,  the implications are great. Think...the ability to heal any brain injury.... This issue CAN NOT be forgotten.

Now take one of those kids above. You won't forget them.

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