Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why It Won't Happen Again...For A Very Long Time

Why It Won't Happen Again...For A Very Long Time

Why won't this happen again in the public American medical system anytime soon? Money and current research is ignored. Wait. I did it. Can't someone else like me? Yes, but that person will have to possess my qualities. That wouldn't be anytime soon. (Qualities like how to provide basic rehab.)

There have been some leading (upper-class) people who have had brain injuries and have gone on to do remarkable things. They have one thing in common - they didn't use the public medical system.  Government officials won't use the government. I need say nothing more. Actions speak louder than words. I don't want to put these people down. Their injuries are serious. They just got the best they could afford. So have I. I can only afford the dirt on your shoe, though. So, anyone who does not have money will have to use a public government healthcare system that is undesirable to the government. Therefore, one using it has little chance to do something remarkable.

The second issue, and this is big to brain injury, current research is ignored. Here's a current issue that has been gaining popularity:  rewiring. The theory is not accepted. Rewiring does not exist. I've even done something on rewiring,   It doesn't matter, though. I don't exist. How can so many people believe in something that we are told we should not.

Here's something I did a while ago, It's based on actual current research. I find myself using it again and again, explaining to survivors of brain injury that there is growth, progression. Is my document one of the first few applications of this research? It basically is saying there is brain growth for years after a brain injury. Whoa! That totally goes against the entire medical system. They say a brain injury is permanent. This is the ultimate in rewiring! It ultimately does not exist. For someone like me I did not recover enough to write this. According to the government, I'm still lying in a bed unable to communicate. Again, the current is ignored.

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