Monday, July 16, 2012

Where Is The Responsibility

A long time ago I commented on a talk. It's time to watch that lecture again. (Don't worry. It's not long.)

In it he talks about life span and how it has increased. He then applies it to neurological disorders and talks about how more people are living longer, and will therefore suffer from more neurological disorders. I see it differently. People suffering from neurological disorders will live longer. What will this mean? We only know what some diseases do short-term because the person who has it dies. I kept thinking, "Are we going to see more people wake up from comas?"

I'm the first with PVS, but this has happened before (to a lesser extent. He was talking, but not writing.), Will it happen again? Probably.

So, what brought me to write this? Well like Where Is The Love, we don't know where the responsibility is either.

A while ago I had a surgery and I wondered if that particular hospital would lay claim to my feats of late. They really are not responsible for what I am doing. They are however, responsible for me living longer. I would have done it anyway if I lived long enough. They don't know they did it, but Stanford Hospital did something big: The government's, and many hospital's policy is to treat my problem with medication. The person eventually dies. Stanford Hospital removed the problem entirely. It no longer affected my life-span. By lengthening my life, they gave me the time to do what I needed to do.So what I am doing is still of my own doing.

Responsibility lies more with a drug prescribed at another hospital. It is associated with, but not yet tested for, brain growth. All that I'm's due to brain growth. But really now, who is responsible for my actions? I am.

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