Thursday, April 28, 2011

Making A Neural Pathway

I have a BA in Psychology and an MA in Special Education so I guess I'm somewhat qualified to do this. Nobody else has been through this either. Somehow, I've managed to keep all my knowledge, it's just taken some time to get my physical ability there. This time, though, has allowed me to see a process.

There has been talk of re-wiring, and having experienced that, yes. But there is something else. When I say I'm "making a new neural pathway", I am. There is something I noticed with on-line brain injury groups: re-wiring happens closer to the injury date. I'll say during the first year. But it doesn't stop there. The wondrous brain continues to grow. So yes, it would make new neural pathways. I noticed another thing with these groups: the longer it's been since injury, the easier things get. I then thought of my Special Education background, it may take 10 years, but a student might get it. I then look at me, I'm not miraculously getting skills back, I'm providing myself intervention to eventually learn new skills. For years I did early intervention, and learned a few things. It has been very limited, though, due to my physical condition. In so doing, I'm providing my brain the opportunity to make a new neural pathway.

So I continue to make new neural pathways. I would venture to say then, ANYONE with a working brain has the ability to grow and change. They have the ability to make new neural pathways. This process of making one takes a lot longer. Educators see it all the time, and special educators deal with the problems of it. It will take the typical person 18 years to complete the education system and most of their neuronal growth. It wouldn't be that hard to say it might take another 18 years for a brain injury recovery. A person may be good enough to pass in a few years, but he/she should be given the same amount of time afforded to a child who is making new neural pathways.

UPDATED 7/26/2012

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Agree To Disagree

(updated 2-14-2014)

If more people do this, less marriages would end in divorce. There would be less war.
Who cares you have a star on your belly? My sister has a tattoo on her ankle. Have one or not. That's your choice.
People are different. Everyone has their own opinion. Yours doesn't have to be the same as mine. I'm not going to hate you for being different.

People who refuse to allow differences never  go anywhere...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Is A Sneeze

I didn't realize I hadn't sneezed until I did again. I then figured sneezing must be part of the re-wiring that the rest of my brain was doing. You see, I had a terrible brain injury. Funny, but I couldn't ever remember a sneeze being described in terms of wiring.

So what is a sneeze? It's a pulse of energy traveling a circuit. An irritant (like dust, pollen, or a feather) stimulates a nerve ending-the beginning of this circuit. An impulse, or burst of energy, travels the pathway of wiring. If successful, that's it. If not, then it happens again.