Saturday, November 27, 2010

Give Up

"She will most likely be a vegetable if she comes out."  Out of a coma that is.  I remember that.  It's hard to forget.  I also remember hearing a loud buzzer.  I wanted to turn off my alarm clock because I was having a good sleep.  I later found out it was the alarm on my ventilator.

I did wake up, and I could think.  Unusual.

So the vegetable thing never should have been said.  One time, a nurse in a hospital told me if a person is there and they can't communicate, they give up.  I understood this. I was slowly getting my ability to talk back, but it was very slow.  I could easily see someone giving up.  While there, I remember a patient-an older man who the nurses called "Doctor".  He had had a stroke.  You could see in his eyes he understood, but he couldn't talk.  He would have understood "vegetable" and what it would entail.  I think he gave up.  He died.

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