Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I had an "aha moment" while writing this comment:
Okay. The hospital I was at had me classified as "Semi-Vegetative" I took this to be semi-conscious, and a good majority of ppl with brain bleeds experience a similar state-MCS or Minimally Conscious State. I looked into "Semi-Vegetative." ...It's not MCS, but PVS (Permanent Vegetative State). Schiavo was PVS. (BTW I still have my feeding tube.) The govt had us believing it wasn't possible for someone who is PVS to recover. That's how they validated her death. No wonder why I'm having such a time, and I'm still recovering.
I'm still recovering! It makes sense, and I had to go back to the definition.
You see, we don't really know what recovery will be like from PVS. I've been mostly compared to the usual TBI, and I am a miracle.  What if I'm compared to other PVS recoveries?--Oh wait. There are no others. If there is no comparison, then I set the standard. Instead of many miracles, there's just one-that I'm the first.


Notice the trache is gone
Pushing up to stand
Standing with a walker

Even years later there continues to be progress. Maybe this progress continues to be recovery. We don't know. Instead of miraculous, it's a learning experience.


  1. Angela, it is great that you are using a blog to get information out about your recovery... there is room for so much more information. You can still connect what you write to the social media sites. You really are one of my heroes! How are the girls doing these days? I remember those times with them at Goodyears, while you were in the hospital, and get tears in my eyes for all of you.

  2. Ah so much. Maybe the next one then will have links to a lot of things.