Monday, January 20, 2014

Full Recovery

"May your dreams come true, and I keep my fingers crossed for your full recovery" -Krzysztof SÄ…decki

A full recovery would be nice. So far it has been more than ten years and there is mental recovery. For the most part, there is some speech, and thinking is incredible. Speech isn't that great, but it must still be improving. I am now understood by most, without them having to be present. People must have also been using my facial cues to  understand what I was saying. Motor skills are slowly coming along, but they are not as fast as cognitive.

Recently at the hospital I was asked which arm for the  IV. "Oh, my paralyzed arm," I said, and lifted it up by the shoulder. I still don't use the hand, but it is not clenched anymore. "That arm's not paralyzed." The nurse saw my big grin and knew I was joking.

I do that a lot, joking. I have to. I'm doing things that were said I'd never do. Typing this whole thing, I was never to do that. My left arm was as bad as my right arm. Same goes for being able to stand up. I don't need a standing frame anymore.

I should still be laid up in a bed. Not even that. I should be dead. I was given a death sentence and my end date was a while ago.

A full recovery is something I'd like to see. This is taking time. I have no special talent other than patience.